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Allison Frederick is based in the Denver Metro area in Colorado and is available as a freelance consultant who can work on-site or in-house. GRIPS, LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability company. © 2011-2016, All Rights Reserved, GReen Idea Protection Strategies, LLC

Allison Frederick has been helping businesses grow and promoting wonderful ideas formally since 2004.

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At the core of business sustainability is developing a green brand that people can truly trust. This means that an organization must devote real resources to fully analyzing their products and services to determine how to improve their sustainability performance - from an economic, environmental, and social aspect. Avoiding the short cuts of green washing requires courage and commitment but the rewards can mean the difference between a worthless green brand and a green brand valued as an intangible asset with real book value in the hundreds of millions or even billion dollars. Such valuations are achievable with a whole system sustainability program and of course, with the ability to effectively communicate all the organization's efforts.
How Can You Improve a Customer's Perception of Your Green Brand?  A Clean Technology Company's Case Study of their Web Communications
How to Communicate Your Green Brand Online
Survey Results: Transformation of a 
Clean Tech Website
This report is written based on the survey results of two website comparisons. One website was the organization’s existing business website. This organization produces highly technical machinery that can be applied to a number of pressing environmental and energy-efficiency problems. The second website was a test website prepared by GRIPS, LLC (GReen Idea Protection Strategies). The second site was designed with Customer-Centric Focus (as described in this report). The purpose of the survey was to measure the website visitor’s comprehension of the organization’s products and services and to measure whether the website visitor was motivated to share information about this organization to others. This report also includes valuable communication approaches and potential environmental consumer psychology which can be applied across a number of industries. Keep reading…
Does the Customer's Opinions Matter in a Monopolized Business?  Driving the Business Case for a Sustainability Management System - The Influential Power of Stakeholder Risks Management in a Sanctioned Monopoly Electric Utility Company
Utility stakeholder risks
This stakeholder and green branding report was written in 2013. The issues are still relevant and the predicted problems presented in the paper have come true. This paper examines whether organizations in monopoly-driven industries, such as home energy companies, have the luxury of ignoring their customer's values. Shortly after this report was written, Colorado went through a near revolution as it relates to the types of energy and types of services utility companies have to offer their customers. Keep reading...