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Allison Frederick is based in the Denver Metro area in Colorado and is available as a freelance consultant who can work on-site or in-house. 
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Allison Frederick has been helping businesses grow and promoting wonderful ideas formally since 2004.

Create Effective Change: Green Tech Case Study in Web Communications

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This report is written based on the survey results of two website comparisons. One website was the organization’s existing business website. This organization produces highly technical machinery that can be applied to a number of pressing environmental and energy-efficiency problems. The second website was a test website prepared by GRIPS, LLC (GReen Idea Protection Strategies).  The second site was designed with Customer-Centric Focus (as described in this report). The purpose of the survey was to measure the website visitor’s comprehension of the organization’s products and services and to measure whether the website visitor was motivated to share information about this organization to others. This report also includes valuable communication approaches and potential environmental consumer psychology which can be applied across a number of industries.

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