“I started working with Allison a number of years ago when she was with a Fortune 500 company...and Allison helped many people in that organization get a handle on what they needed to do.”

- John Harris, Patent Attorney
Atlanta, Georgia
"I provide the leverage you need to help your business grow faster, reduce stress, and achieve your financial goals!"
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Specific Services:

  • Trademark searching
  • Trademark portfolio management
  • Trademark and Brand integration and management 
  • Utility patent portfolio management
  • Design patent portfolio management
  • International patent and trademark portfolio management
  • Manage invention disclosures
  • Manage inventor incentive programs
  • Contract management of licenses, confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), etc.
  • Create business communication materials which translate technical language into meaningful consumer and investor language
Allison combines a unique business and legal background to help your business succeed.
Allison Frederick, BA, ALM
Harvard University, Environmental and Sustainability Management
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Allison helps you manage your clean technology ideas & inventions through patents, trademarks, and green branding communications.

Allison Frederick is based in North Carolina and is available as a freelance consultant who can work on-site or in-house.  
Her company, GRIPS has two main types of clients, GRIPS - GReenHouse Intellectual Property Systems, serving the floriculture and horticulture industry, and GRIPS, LLC serving environmentally-based companies and organizations. GRIPS is a North Carolina Limited Liability company.  © 2011-2018, All Rights Reserved for all articles, contents, and images on this website is held by GRIPS, LLC.

Allison Frederick has been helping businesses grow and promoting wonderful ideas formally since 2004.

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Through her company, GRIPS, LLC

Allison can help your company get a GRIP on your ideas.
Take your inventions and ideas from concept to cash. Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your brands, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, inventions, and your intellectual property rights contracts? 

Do you have systems in place so that if you want to find out what kind of intellectual property protects a particular aspect of an invention, you can easily find that information? 

If your answer is no, you are not alone. Even Fortune 500 companies lack the level of organization needed to successfully manage your intellectual property assets. 

Allison works with both U.S. and international companies. Her unique approach to intellectual property (IP) portfolio management is business-focused. As a business owner herself, she understands that businesses need to access information that leads them to make cost-effective, competitive decisions quickly and this can ONLY be done if you clearly understand the assets you already have.
Being innovative means doing things differently and better than your competition. 

Allison's company, GRIPS, brings organization and peace of mind to alternative energy and clean tech companies by helping them manage their intellectual property portfolios.

Clean tech companies are often in a unique situation where they may be start-ups, but their rate of innovation often outpaces their ability to keep up with the mounds of paperwork that accumulates while obtaining legal protection for their inventions. 

GRIPS helps clients easily manage and take control of the paperwork so that the company can keep their focus on improving their technology's competitive advantage. 
Alternative Solutions for Alternative Companies
Identifying the correct intellectual property strategy, and then sticking to it, is sometimes half the battle.  Sometimes the best strategy is brand development and sometimes trademarks are sufficient; sometimes a design patent, utility patent, or trade secret policy is required; and sometimes a plant breeders right application for a biofuel is the best approach.  Whatever your alternative energy endeavor, we help you identify the best path for your organization.
Biofuel Plant Variety Protection Expertise

GRIPS is also unique because of our biofuel crop intellectual property expertise.  GRIPS can help biofuel companies secure intellectual property protection for their energy crops through mechanisms like plant breeder’s rights. While working at a law firm, Allison personally coordinated and managed  helped the new California IPO biofuel company, Ceres, Inc., obtain granted plant variety protection certificates in Brazil for some of their sweet sorghum varieties. Anyone who has filed for plant variety protection around the world will likely tell you that the process can seem overwhelming. GRIPS strives to streamline the application process so that it is as efficient as possible.  To the left is a Press Release from Ceres, Inc. discussing the sorghum energy crop IP protection that Allison of GRIPS personally managed the application process from start to finish. 

Click here to find out about our services for biofuel plant variety protection. You will be taken to our other website.
ABOVE: Allison Frederick of GRIPS pictured here with Ted Turner at the 2011 American Renewable Energy Day Summit in Aspen, Colorado.
She can help you:

  • Organize
  • Systematize
  • Manage
  • Communicate to potential investors and customers

all the details required to maintain a cost-effective, competitive, and efficient intellectual property portfolio. 

She can work with your existing law firms or help you find excellent patent attorneys and trademark attorneys from her preferred network. As your personalized IP portfolio manager, she will be your liaison to help you reduce some of the legal fees association with obtaining intellectual property rights.
ABOVE: The Better Place electric car did attempt to revolutionized the electrical car concept by charging 
for car usage in a similar model as cell phone use. Where did they go wrong? Allison is working on a case study with expensive lessons to learn from Better Place.
Service:  Communicating Your Inventions Effectively

Another area that often suffers for growing technology companies is keeping the public informed of all the successful implementations of their technologies. Continually communicating with the public about case studies and other product launches is often overlooked as your focus is forced to deal with day to day management (a.k.a. "putting out fires"). GRIPS can help you communicate the value of your intellectual property through customer-centric communication materials. We translate industry jargon and high tech explanations into benefit-oriented consumer materials. 

Click here to see an example of a GRIPS communication survey conducted for a high tech company's website as an example of what we can do for your company and innovations.
Allison is Active in the Clean Tech Community

ABOVE: Allison Frederick of GRIPS recently visited the SunPower solar plant located in Colorado Springs, Colorado supplying electrical energy to the US Air Force Academy.
ABOVE: Allison Frederick of GRIPS sitting atop a 300 foot tall wind turbine overlooking the coast of Sweden.  These turbines supply electrical power to local residences.
ABOVE: Allison Frederick visited the Amagerforbrænding waste incineration and power plant in Copenhagen, which produces clean energy and heat for Denmark residences. Click here to read about how they do it.
ABOVE: Allison visited with famous Danish architect, Claus Sorensen, who seamlessly integrates solar panels on to the rooflines of historically significant structures in Copenhagen.
LEFT: GRIPS assisted the American Renewable Energy Institute, a non-profit organization out of Aspen, Colorado, with several marketing and messaging packages (including the design of this logo) intended for recruiting investors. 
The intended recipients of these packages included retired General Wesley Clark and philanthropist Ted Turner.
1.  Save Money on Your Innovation Process by Improving Efficiencies 
and Communication Systems

2.  Create a Long-term, yet Adaptive Strategy to Manage Your Inventions

3.  Save on Intellectual Property Costs When You Stop Paying Attorney Fees for Administrative Costs
Allison is a masters degree candidate in Harvard University's Extension School in Sustainability and Environmental Management. Her projects have focused on alternative energies, biofuel production, and how to effectively communicate environmental technology. 

She is particularly interested in sustainable green innovation design and the psychology behind clean technology adoption. She is also particularly interested in role modeling to improve efficient technology design. She finds Danish and German innovation design to be particularly valuable for reducing redundancies and leading the way for clean tech innovation. 

In 2012 she traveled to Copenhagen for a renewable energy tour sponsored by the Copenhagen Business School, the Danish government run technology hub, State of Green, and the University of Southern Maine. This tour demonstrated to her to the potential clean tech innovation has when it operates in a supportive political environment.

She combines her sustainability and environmental education and passion with 10+ years of intellectual property management to help companies get a GRIP on their inventions.

Contact her now to set up a free 20 minute consultation to see how Allison can help you.
"Allison is an outstanding multi-talented professional with organizational skills that are an asset to any company
or institution. She is versed in a deep knowledge of clean technology and renewable energy and a pleasure to work with."

- Chip Comins, Chairman
The American Renewable Energy Institute
Aspen, Colorado
"Many inventors and small business people get taken in by scams pretending to have the inventor’s best interests in mind. Allison is a trustworthy and competent professional who can point people in the right direction."

- Darin Gibby, Esq. Registered Patent Attorney
Kilpatrick Townsend 
Denver, Colorado
"While we had spoken with intellectual property attorneys about our business, it wasn’t until we talked with Allison that we began to understand and consider the advantages of proper planning and positioning of intellectual property to our bottom line, i.e. the business side of intellectual property vs. just the legal side."

- Peter & Suzanne Rielle, Business Owners
Midland, Michigan