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Communicating complicated (and sometimes boring) issues in a way to help people understand, and perhaps even feel a little excitement is a real challenge. I've tried to do just that with my business book about trademarks and patents and how to use them. This book has specific examples for the horticulture industry, but follows the general principles in how to legally protect your inventions.

Readers' Comments regarding Poof! Plant Profits in Peril, A Patent and Trademark Storybook (available on Amazon)

"Wooooow, if 'skilled' professionals could just speak the language, you are speaking, the conception of PBR/Plant Patent and Trade Mark Issues would be much simpler." 

- J.H. Selchau, horticulture attorney, Denmark

"Even in the complex world of Intellectual Property, plant IP is a specialised niche. Accurate information is hard to come by and even the best books tend to be weighty and academic, so they are not the most accessible to non-IP professionals and as the law moves on they can date fast. This book is none of those things. You can't use it as a textbook but what you do get is pithy and humorous and the lessons it seeks to communicate will be relevant for as long as we have an IP system in anything approaching its current form...."

- Andrew Bentham, attorney, United Kingdom

Comments from Readers of my other writing

“Wonderful essay, it touched me.” 

~ Andrea C

regarding “Nature’s Cure for a Weary Soul: The Overlooked Writings of Elizabeth C. Wright”

“Enjoyed your blog. I will spend more time reading your articles and share them with my students. I am always looking for ways to showcase the achievements of GREAT women, especially for my young female students who are just starting out….”  
~ MC, editor of 

Regarding “Building a Brand So Sweet, it Lasts for Generations: The Story of See’s Chocolates”

“fantastic, and thank you for this story! i LOVE see’s chocolates. i wish we could get them, where we live. when my aunt comes to visit, from CA, she always brings lovely gifts of see’s chocolates! ”  ~ Jessie Voights

“I’m always inspired by people who overcome obstacles to achieve something really great. Thanks for your story and for pointing us to Women Making & Discovering Their Own History.”  ~  Lisa Gensheimer

“Very well done in a way that shows hard work and using ideas that worked for others can bring success! ” ~  Scott Perry

Allison Frederick is a freelance writer whose diverse essays, research reports, and articles revolve around the same theme of exploring how other organizations and people are "doing things right."

Allison believes that Role Modeling is one of the most effective ways to launch a program, improve a product, and personally achieve a higher level of success and goals. 

Role modeling can reduce redundancy, consolidate time, and inspire us. As an example, unlike most environmental-related writing that focuses on everything that is going terribly wrong; Allison's more refreshing emphasis on who is doing it right, and offers solution-based examples to model.

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Allison is also a travel and nature photographer. 
To see a sample of her photography, click here.

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Allison Frederick is based in North Carolina area in Colorado and is available as a freelance consultant who can work on-site or in-house.  
GRIPS, LLC is a North Carolina Limited Liability company. 

Allison Frederick has been helping businesses grow and promoting wonderful ideas formally since 2004.

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