Photo by Allison Frederick, Portland, Oregon
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My Guarantee

A lot of people try to sell you something you don't need.  A lot of people make promises they never intend to keep.  This "take-your money-and-run" approach has never sat well with me. I believe that in all things, we should leave behind something better than what was there before. 

I would love to hear about your project to see if I can help you.

~ Allison Frederick
Allison Frederick is based in North Carolina and is available as a freelance consultant who can work on-site or in-house.  
Her company, GRIPS has two main types of clients, GRIPS - GReenHouse Intellectual Property Systems, serving the floriculture and horticulture industry, and GRIPS, serving pro-environmentally-focused companies and organizations. GRIPS is a North Carolina Limited Liability company.  © 2011-2018, All Rights Reserved for all articles, contents, and images on this website is held by GRIPS, LLC.

Allison Frederick has been helping businesses grow and promoting wonderful ideas formally since 2004.

Allison can help you pull the pieces together...

Are looking for someone who is trustworthy to help your projects?  

If so, call Allison today at 303-587-9835. 

allison frederick

Project Manager for People Making a Difference Through Sustainable Technologies and Services

also a Researcher, Writer and Nature Photographer  
Call 303-578- 9835
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She brings over 17 years of intellectual property experience to help you build strong, sustainable brands and develop competitive products and services. 

Considering Allison is a creative writer and photographer herself, she not only understands the creative innovation process, but can teach you how to protect your innovations and get the most out of your ideas.  

Allison is available as an independent contractor or service provider. Depending on the project, she can work onsite or remotely.

She has been helping businesses grow and promoting wonderful ideas formally since 2004. 
Allison specializes in  Sustainable Horticulture, Clean Technology, and Corporate Sustainability.

She offers services for research, writing, training, and project management.